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Vicious Art - Pick Up This Sick Child (sampler)
Vicious Art is a Swedish death metal band (so you know it�s good) featuring ex-members of Entombed, Dark Funeral and Grave (so you know it�s fucking great). Pick Up This Sick Child is their second album of which we�ve received this three track sampler. Let�s check it out!
Swedish death metal, isn�t it always great? If you love it that is of course, otherwise it just sounds like another one of those bands from that region (which does tend to happen to me every now and then). Vicious Art definitely produced some quality grooving death metal, at least these three tracks showcase that. Can�t give a verdict about the entire album unfortunately, but if it continues in this fashion it will probably rule.
This is a good teaser for what is yet to come. It will probably appeal to every fan of the Swedish death metal sound, and therefore it will sell. Conclusion made.
Vicious Art - Pick Up This Sick Child (sampler)
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Released on Monday Nov 5th, 2007
Swedish Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Dec 10th, 2007

Tags: #Vicious Art
Tracklisting 1. Tombstone Grind
2. We're Both Into Killing Me
3. Murderer
Line up Jocke Widfeldt - Vocals
Matti ``Dominion`` M�kel� - Guitar
Tobbe ``Necrobarber`` Sillman - Guitar
J�rgen Sandstr�m - Bass, Backing Vocals
Robert ``Gaahnfaust`` Lundin - Drums