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Avery - Lie, Cheat & Steal
A psychotic and brutal bastard of Metal, Noise, Hardcore and a proper dose of grooving Rock. This mixture creates such dark atmosphere that is perfectly supported by the mainly grooved vocals. This monster can't be categorized and is more than well-done product from Avery out of Berlin.

This was the first thing I read when I received the promo copy from Avery. The title of this full length is Lie, Cheat&Steal. The CD contains 12 tracks with a mix between Metal and Hardcore.

The album starts with a short song that last for one minute and 30 seconds. Hardcore influences can be heard immediately. Fast drums and loud riffs give a first impression of the CD.
But when I listen to track 4, which is titled ‘Beverly Pills' the sound of the band completely flips over. The vocals flip over to a deeper sound and the riffs get slower. Luckily enough at the next track the sound goes faster again. The faster riffs sounds much better and really can get you in the mood to party.
Song number 6 really is a great song to listen to. The weird vocals used in this song sounds kind of strange in the context of the album. But it sure makes the sound of the band different than I'm used of hardcore.
After that the album stays the same constantly. The sound stays the same. Not like before when weird shifts in the guitars and drums really makes the sound original. Only the last song of the album has got some parts that interest me again.

Overall a great effort from Germany and when you are in to a brutal mix between Hardcore and some influences of other styles. I would definitely keep my eyes open for this record. The album becomes a little bit boring at the end, which really pulls back the grade of the album. Next time better?
Avery - Lie, Cheat & Steal
69/1001Details Incendiary Records
Released on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Avery
Tracklisting 1. Hyena Himn
2. This Town is Full of Bugs
3. Cassandra Complex
4. Beverly Pills
5. Tabula Rasa
6. Status Report of Rocket No. 6
7. A Short Life of a Rock Star
8. Puppets With Knives
9. Ryggradsl�s
10. To Dine With Jerry Lee
11. Calm Down With The Next Injection
12. The Needle Always Wins
Line up T. Mang - Bass
J. Oberg - Drums
A. Roos - Guitar
N. Webers - Vocals