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Hemoragy - Jesus King of Wine

There's two things really cool about Hemoragy. First up is the awesome albumcover. Jesus as a metalhead preaching on a hill to a horde of metalheads, holding a bottle of wine. The other thing is the fact it's a band from France, a country is receiving more and more recorded material from lately.

But that's mainly where the fun ends. Hemoragy's Jesus King of Wine is a shaky, very low budget recording. It sounds awful. And in all honesty: I'm sorry to say so because this little heavy metal effort has some nice solos and cool riffs to sport. But the low budget 'production' ruins it all and leaves the listener with an amateuristic disc that is actually hard to listen through all the way.
Bitching on the English sung on the disc would be cheap, since we all now how annoyingly little effort the French usually make to speak any other language than their own. But it is funny at times (kind of like the sitcom 'Alo Alo'). I'm left saying that this disc should not have been recorded, at least not in this way. And that's in Hemoragy's defence, actually. They seem a sympathetic bunch and their music deserves better.
Hemoragy - Jesus King of Wine
Released on Monday Dec 10th, 2007
Thrashy Metal

Writer @Lex on Monday Dec 10th, 2007

Tags: #Hemoragy
Tracklisting 1. A Strange Man From Hell
2. Don't Sleep
3. Jesus King of Wine
4. How Many Time To Compose It?
5. Ghost Riders
6. Jump Into The Bestial Pit
7. The Final Horseriding
8. Guitar Killer
9. BlackBeard
Line up Johannes Musslin - Guitar&Vocals
Lynda Siewicz - Bass
Steve Musslin - Drums