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Bestial Mockery - Slaying The Life
True. Grimm. kvlt. A guy who looks like Gollum (with spiked wristbelts) holds out his hand, in the same form as I do when I describe the size of my balls. On topic: Bestial Mockery hails from Sverige, has been playing black metal (with thrashy riffs) for over 12 years and Slaying The Life is their 4th full length album, along with loads of demos and split-CDs. They are so cult that they don't even have an own web domain.

The disc is a nice fair share of pummeling tracks with black metal speeds, hailing the various aspects of Satan. The tracklisting has 3 songs containing the word "war" and other well thought out titles like "Apocalypse Prayer" and "Metal Fucking Death". "Funeral Pyre" has some quite well thought out lyrics: 

God's children are crying
The Holy Virgin is raped
We are fucking her anal
Impurity, sodomize in heaven

...and so forth. These guys are Satan's own Powerrangers! The music is actually quite decent. Tracks like "War Summoning" open up with a crunchy riff that demands some headbanging, quickly turn into an upto slamfest. I do have to say that the blastbeats, fast chords and occasional riff too get old halfway through. More mid-tempo passages would definitely fleshened out a few things. And I did hear a chainsaw sample somewhere so that was kinda neat.

Anyway, I bet that these guys laugh their asses off seeing their fanbase, and probably drink a load of beer every night. I believe that they actually split up recently, so check it out for Satan's sake. But I can only really suggest this record for fans of dirty black metal. With a few riffs. And of course, to Slayer fans.
Bestial Mockery - Slaying The Life
70/1001Details Seasons of Mist
Released on Monday Aug 20th, 2007
Thrash/Black Metal

Writer @Carn on Monday Dec 10th, 2007

Tags: #Bestial Mockery
Tracklisting 1. Slaughter Mass 01:43
2. Storm of the Beast 03:40
3. Antichrist of War 04:28
4. Return of the God with Napalm Eyes 04:07
5. Black Spell of Armageddon 03:05
6. Scream for War 03:48
7. Deathsong 02:54
8. Infantry Storm 03:25
9. Funeral Pyre 00:41
10. War Summoning 03:41
11. Apocalypse Prayer 03:38
12. Metal Fucking Death 07:05
Line up Devilpig - Bass
Doomanfanger - Guitar
Master Motorsag - Vocals
Ted Bundy - Guitar
Warslaughter - Drums