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Disfear - Live The Storm

Swedish D-beat band Disfear is back with another record. Live The Storm is the second full-length with the legendary singer Tomas Lindberg. Lindberg was not without merit the vocalist of bands such as At The Gates, The Great Deceiver and The Crown. Disfear also features former Entombed guitarist Uffe Cederlund. For this record they worked with Converge�s Kurt Ballou. For me this was the first encounter with Disfear and the way Relapse Records is �sending� its promo�s to the reviewer. After installing a music player on my computer and downloading the songs I heard some very nice punk/hardcore songs. 

Right from the start Disfear grabs you by your throat with �Get If Off� and doesn�t let go until the last notes of �Phantom� have faded away. The pounding drums combined with the vocals of Lindberg are great to listen to, but especially the guitar riffs and solos convinced me the most. Listening to a song like �The Cage� says enough I guess. Furthermore this record has short, but powerful songs and a few longer tracks where they really show they can write music. Overall each track wakes a certain aggression inside you that wants you to kick somebody�s ass. Worth mentioning is the great drum and bass intermezzo during �In Exodus�

If you like fast rock beats fuelled with aggression this record is really something for you! This is a perfect example of how fast music should sound like.

Disfear - Live The Storm
90/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Monday Jan 28th, 2008
D-beat / Hardcore Punk

Writer @Gilles on Wednesday Dec 12th, 2007

Tags: #Disfear
Tracklisting 1. Get If Off
2. Fiery Father
3. Deadweight
4. The Cage
5. The Furnace
6. Live The Storm
7. In Exodus
8. Maps Of War
9. Phantom
Line up Tomas Lindberg - Vocals
Bj�rn Peterson - Guitar
Henke Frykman - Bass
Marcus Andersson - Drums
Uffe Cederlund - Guitar