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Emptiness - Oblivion
Initiated in 1998, Emptiness released a number of demos up to the release of their first full length Guilty To Exists in 2004. After some line-up changes the band has come to a second release, this time on Agonia Records, entitled Oblivion.
I must say that I�d never heard of this band before, even though they are from Belgium. Perhaps this is due to the standard band name, because it can�t be because they suck. Oblivion offers a number blackened death metal tracks executed in a very fine way. The songs sound very solid and well structured. Although the riffs tend to lean more towards death metal, the guitars unmistakably have this dreamy black metal sound to them, creating an atmospheric yet aggressive and evil vibe. Pretty cool.
I think a better production could have lifted this record way above average, because now it tends to lose grip on my attention every now and then while there are still cool riffs being played. The entire sound keeps hanging on the same level as well, bit of a shame because it knocks of a full point in the total score for me. A little more power and variation would do miracles I guess.
Emptiness is not a bad band at all, but I hear they can do better than Oblivion. I might play this one again, but I�m already more curious to their next one to be honest.
Emptiness - Oblivion
72/1001Details Agonia Records
Released on Sunday Oct 7th, 2007
Black/Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Dec 13th, 2007

Tags: #Emptiness
Tracklisting 1. Truth Of Trinity
2. Summon
3. Feeding Force
4. Crushing Ignorance
5. Forgotten
6. Oblivion I
7. Beyond The Rites
8. Guilty To Exist
9. Exhausted Forms
10. Slave
11. Oblivion II
12. L.E.A.D.
Line up Phorgath - Bass/vocals
Olve - Guitars/vocals
Phil P. - Guitars
Twan - Drums