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Dawn of Retribution - Blood Drunk
So, what do we have here? A three-song demo song from yet unknown Australians Dawn of Retribution, playing death and thrash with melodic overtones, as they describe it themselves. Let's check it out.
The first track opens with a really low quality and soft volume melodic riff and I was like: Oooh no, not one of those! But after ten seconds it turned out to be just an intro and after this hell burst loose. A metalcore-ish guitar riff heavily kicks in with an excellent raw and brutal production! The use of the term of metalcore is actually a shame here, because it�s got way more balls than that hyped term. You can think in the metalcore-with-balls direction of Ion Dissonance and Despised Icon, without the freaky and chaotic rhythms that is. Dawn of Retribution�s music leans more towards the brutal attitude of a death metal band and a comparison with Dying Fetus is probably more appropriate, because of the enormous groove, kick-ass pinches and some fast technical riffin�. There are indeed also some thrash influences, especially in the last song they are apparent, but that doesn�t really make things more interesting. It actually takes away their own sound.
It�s very rare that I get surprised by a demo of a band, but Dawn of Retribution sure managed to do it. Their death metal is pretty modern while it has a very raw and brutal production. With this they�ve succeeded pretty well to create a sound of their own. Let's just hope that the raw and brutal production is not caused by a lack of cash, but that it is a conscious choice and that they will ease on the thrash influences.
Dawn of Retribution - Blood Drunk
No ScoreDetails Unsigned
Released on Saturday Nov 3rd, 2007
Raw modern death

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Friday Dec 14th, 2007

Tags: #Dawn of Retribution
Tracklisting Blood Drunk
Second to None
The Forked Tongue
Line up Bennett Dunstan - Guitars
Dani Jeffers - Bass
Chris McEwin - Guitars
Michael Vandenberg - Drums
Clint Williams - Vocals