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Flowing Tears - Invanity - Live In Berlin
The flagship band of German gothic rock � as some media describes Flowing Tears � has released their fourth album. This record captures a live semi-acoustic performance celebrating the 10th anniversary of the band. The event took place in the Passionskirche in Berlin � a big church in the centre of the city. The band has chosen their favourite songs from their previous three releases and rearranged them for this special event. 

I�m not familiar with their previous releases so I can�t tell you the difference between the original songs and the semi-acoustic arrangements. What I can tell you is how it all sounds in this big German church and shortly, that�s great. The sound is amazing and every time I listen to this record I�m flabbergasted that it is a live record. Occasionally you�ll hear clapping, but during the songs it just sounds like a normal album. The semi-acoustic songs are played with a great feeling and the voice of vocalist Helen Vogt is incredible! Helen doesn�t have this typical voice which you often hear in female fronted gothic rock bands, but she has a low and warm voice with a lot of power and emotion in it. 

Besides their own work there are also two cover songs on this record. One of them was the closing song of their set and the other one was recorded in the studio. Flowing Tears ended their set with Slayer�s �Dead Skin Mask� and added �The Weeping Song� from Nick Cave featuring Johan Edlund (Tiamat) later to the record. The band gives �Dead Skin Mask� a whole unique touch, but it doesn�t completely fit their own material. The song has a horrifying atmosphere around it and this is mainly caused by the vocal parts. The original version is way better I think, but just as Demondust described recently: �Slayer is fuckin� Slayer!� The Weeping Song� is more a continuation of their own material. How the song originally sounds is unknown to me, but it is a nice closing track for this record.
Flowing Tears - Invanity - Live In Berlin
88/1001Details Ascendance Records
Released on Monday Oct 29th, 2007
Gothic Rock/Metal

Writer @Gilles on Thursday Dec 20th, 2007

Tags: #Flowing Tears
Tracklisting 1. Swallow
2. Undying
3. Portsall (Departure Song)
4. The Marching Sane
5. Merlin
6. Lovesong For A Dead Child
7. Pitch Black Water
8. Dead Skin Mask
9. The Weeping Song
Line up Helen Vogt - Vocals
Benjamin Buss - Guitars, Keyboards
Stefan Gemballa - Drums
Frederic Lesny - Bass