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NYIA - More Than You Expect
What drew my attention to NYIA (which is a pagan demon of death in Polish mythology) was the fact that they have released a split album with Antigama earlier this year. In 2004 a full length was already released, and now they offer us their second effort of, as they call it, "blasting avant garde grindcore fusion", let's see what that's all about.
This Polish band features ex members of acts like Vader, Prophecy and Kobong, so it's bound to have something good going on I'd say. And it does. The music is indeed highly experimental metal, with music comparable to stuff like The Red Chord, Meshuggah, Antigama and our own Dutch Sengaia. I can't say that it's that much grindcore though. Although there are some small bursts of high-speed power, it never get the upper hand in the music. The song structures remind me most of a mixture between The Red Chord and Meshuggah. The biggest difference with those bands is that this guy also sings, besides screaming.
Listening to this album is quite a trip, but I can't say it can hold my attention all the way through. I like what I hear, but there are too many gentile passages in the music which makes my mind wander of. The clean vocals are alright, although I've heard much better of course. Luckily they're not a point of irritation. The main things to focus on are the rhythms and song structures, but as I said all the clean passages in the music make it hard to keep paying attention.
Nevertheless it's a pretty decent disc. Rhythmically it's very interesting to listen to, if you're into the more experimental and avant garde side of metal that still seems to be picking up speed. But I personally expected more out of this, let's hope the next one blows my brains out.
NYIA - More Than You Expect
72/1001Details Feto Records
Released on Thursday Nov 29th, 2007
Avant Garde Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Dec 22nd, 2007

Tags: #NYIA
Tracklisting 1. The Same
2. Birdies
3. Low - Life
4. Morning's Copper
5. Hesus
6. Inaccessible Things
7. Bored Song
8. Yellow
9. Desert
10. Kilar's Hairstyle
11. Ray - Mundi
12. Hallo
13. Ambitus
14. Nine
Line up Wojciech Szyma´┐Żski - Drums
Szymon Czech - Guitars
Bartek Rogalewicz - Guitars
Maciej Banaszewski - Bass
Jakub Leonowicz - Vocals