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Nadir - Big Open Wound
After an unending period of silence, in the summer of 95, the singer Vicent and the bassist Anselmo from the former deathsters Obscure decided to go ahead on their own with a brand new project with a slower and heavier approach to music, more inspired by miserable melodies. They agreed to call it [b]Nadir[/b], which means the lowest, that opposed to the zenith. A couple of months went by and the two got in touch with other musicians into metal from their area. The band finally came to dark with Vicent on vocals, Anselmo with a grinding bass, Marce with a subtler bass, Jose Antonio with the guitar, and the drumming by David. Just after some shows and hard rehearsing they recorded a full live demo with eight tracks. Soon after it, the band noticed the scarce response from people and put their effort into recording their first official album to date. It is called �Fall From Grace� . Now four years later it�s time for a new MCD �Big Open Wound�. Big Open Wound is a surprising MCD. For me this is the first time I heard of Nadir. Nadir makes a good combination of a good design, melody and compositions. I can hear some influences from bands like Anathema, Paradise Lost, Amorphis and Type O Negative. Besides the influences Nadir has found their own sound on this MCD. This MCD contains strong and interesting songs. There is some kind of sad feeling on this cd what approaches the band to Gothic and Doom. The Voivod cover �The Prow� surprise me the most, because there is a big difference between the original and the cover. Nadir made a complete new songs to this number. One of the main things for Nadir is quality, this MCD contains high quality. The people from Nadir knows what they are doing, and they are good at it! I think that Hardebaran and Two Fat Man found a good band in Nadir and that Nadir can become a big thing in their music. When you like this kind of music I must say that you will have to listen to Nadir! Tracklist: Big Open Wound So Tired The Prow (voivod cover) Waterfalse Blame me Line-up : VICENT RIERA - Somber Growls & Cryptic Chants ANSELMO ROCA - Saw Quake Bass Guitar DAVID GARC�A - Drumming & Pounding JORGE AL�S - Sub Bass Guitar H�CTOR P�REZ - Guitars XAVI MONTAGUT - Keyboards [img][/img]
Nadir - Big Open Wound
95/1001Details TwoFatMan
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @D.M.A. on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Nadir
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