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Inhuman - Last Rites

Their fourth full-length and their debut for I Scream Records: Inhuman is back with a record named Last Rites and kicks some serious ass. Inhuman consists amongst others of Steve Gallo and Joseph James from Agnostic Front. Their music on Last Rites is a mixture of hardcore, punk rock and metal. This mixture isn�t very original any more, but let's find out if they can do something special with it, shall we?

The opening and title track begins with a conversion about believe between a man and a little girl before the band starts with an aggressive metal song. Not much old-school hardcore in it and this will definitely not please all Inhuman fans. If you don�t like metal-influences in hardcore: just skip it and start with the second track. �Fash-ist� is a pure hardcore song, which reminds me a bit of Sick Of It All. This is definitely not a bad thing! Other killer songs are �The Dream Is Not Dead� and �Grindhouse�

Besides �Last Rites� there is another song which remarkable on this record. I really like �The Lost�, but it just doesn�t fit on this record. It�s much slower than the other songs and it has for example an organ at the end. This album is very diverse and sometimes that is a good thing, but with this record it is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. Variation is good, because it prevents boring music. Inhuman though forced through a bit too much, if you ask me.

Inhuman - Last Rites
78/1001Details I Scream Records
Released on Tuesday Dec 25th, 2007
Hardcore / Metal

Writer @Gilles on Tuesday Dec 25th, 2007

Tags: #Inhuman
Tracklisting 1. Last Rites
2. Fash-ist
3. Heretic
4. What You Wanted
5. Mania
6. The Dream Is Not Dead
7. A Fine Line
8. Ghost
9. Grindhouse
10. Bitter & Jaded
11. The Lost
Line up Michael Scondotto - Vocals
Joseph James - Guitar
Hank Hell - Bass
Steve Gallo - Drums