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Graveyard Dirt - Shadows Of Old Ghosts EP
Hailing from Ireland, Graveyard Dirt was already formed in 1994 but they split up in 1998 without ever releasing a decent record. In 2005 they reformed and now they release their first EP ever (not counting demos and such) entitled Shadows Of Old Ghosts.
There are three songs on Shadows Of Old Ghosts, which are all comprised of melancholic depressing heavy doom metal. The riffs and song structures are quite good, I find them to be highly comparable to our own Dutch Officium Triste, who offer the same emotions of despair and depression. Only the piano has a more modest role in Graveyard Dirt�s music, although it�s definitely there.
The one thing that bothers me while listening to this EP is the vocalist. Not at every point though, but there are some parts that really lack the power to convince me. Especially those spoken word passages always bother me, not just with this band. It�s like �I can�t sing so I just talk my way through and try to sound emotional� instead of just screaming and grunting. Too bad.
Overall Graveyard Dirt produced a nice effort in melancholic funeral doom metal, bound to depress any soul into this music, especially when you�re sitting home alone on Christmas now. Play it, and feel the urge to slice your wrists grow inside you. Happy holidays!
Graveyard Dirt - Shadows Of Old Ghosts EP
71/1001Details Lugga Music
Released on Saturday Sep 29th, 2007
Funeral Doom

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Dec 25th, 2007

Tags: #Graveyard Dirt
Tracklisting 1. Rise... Fallen Skies
2. A Tearless Lament
3. Gathering Storm
Line up Kieran O'Toole - Guitar
David Reilly - Guitar
Paul Leyden - Vocals
Gary Sweeney - Drums
Tony Barr - bass