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Oktor - All Gone In Moments

Metalrage receives a lot of funeral doom records lately. The Polish metallers from Oktor also sent us a copy of their record. All Gone In Moments is Oktor�s first full-length album after releasing an EP - which is currently sold out and is possibly being re-released soon - and a split album with Quercus and The River. The album consists of four songs and only the 25-minute 'With Tears As Lullaby' is a brand-new track. The other three were released on their previous releases or an compilation discs from Foreshadow. 

Funeral doom� what can be said about it what hasn't been said before?! Nothing I think� If you still don't know what it is you should listen to this album. All Gone In Moments is dark, heavy and very slow. If you want music for a much deeper winter depression you don't have to seek much longer. Oktor isn't much different from other funeral doom bands I reviewed - except for their partially Polish lyrics - but that isn't a big deal though. 'With Tears As Lullaby' for example shows that these guys can handle their instruments very well. Besides that, they also did a fine job with the songwriting. 25 minutes is a long time, but it wasn't boring at all. The song can keep your full attention and just when you think it's too much they still hold your attention with a change of vocal style or an other melody or with other instruments. 

The thing I didn't like at all were the clean vocals. The guy isn't singing that bad or false, but I just don't like his voice. It isn't a pleasant voice to listen to. The grunting is okay, but the spoken parts are my favourites. It gives the music an extra dimension, which helps you to sit this disc through. Overall the CD has nothing really original in it, but they just perform typical funeral doom songs very well.

Oktor - All Gone In Moments
70/1001Details KRG Records / Foreshadow
Released on Tuesday Aug 7th, 2007
Funeral Doom

Writer @Gilles on Saturday Dec 29th, 2007

Tags: #Oktor
Tracklisting 1. With Tears As Lullaby (24:44)
2. All gone In Moments (13:51)
3. To Witness the Fall Of Values (9:37)
4. Whisper Winter Into Me (14:55)
Line up Jerzy - Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Spoken Vocals
Jan - Bass, Guitars, Deep Growling
Piotr - Clean Vocals