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Vesania - Distractive Killusions
Vesania hails from Poland and features two very well known musicians among their line-up: Orion, who is also in Behemoth and Daray, drummer of Vader. Many of you who don't know Vesania yet might think that we're dealing with a death metal band here, but Vesania acts in the regions of another extreme subgenre: black metal.

Symphonic black metal that is. After releasing two records in the past, Firefrost Arcanum in 2003 and God The Lux in 2005, we are now delighted with Distractive Killusions, 'cause what a great album it is! This excellent produced effort conducts a great bombastic symphonic sound that has a lot in comparison with Dimmu Borgir's modern sound but without the clean vocals, which will be a plus point for a lot of you. Also the sweet atmosphere is there, due to the synths and other usage of sampling.

Opening track 'Narrenschyff' remembered me besides Dimmu Borgir also of The Project Hate MCMXCIX: overwhelming and powerful, due to the vocal lines and also because of the death metal influences. These death metal influences are caused by Daray
's drumming which is so extreme that it is similar to Behemoth's rise, who also became 'too' brutal and technical to still be called black metal. This is definitely not the case with Vesania, but sometimes there is just a small connection to the other extreme division of metal. As another example, 'Aesthesis' has some really cool Gojira-like guitar sound in the beginning.

Now I
'd once again like to mention that it's just about death metal influences and not the whole sound. This is truly a great symphonic black metal record in which the band sometimes experiments. Not enough to make them unique, but this album sure brings Vesania to a higher level. They have it in their own hand if they once will be named in the list of bigger names of the genre. If they aren't close already!
Vesania - Distractive Killusions
85/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Friday Nov 30th, 2007
Symphonic Black Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Saturday Dec 29th, 2007

Tags: #Vesania
Tracklisting 01. Narrenschyff
02. The Dawnfall (Hamartia And Hybris)
03. Infinity Horizon
04. Rage Of Reason
05. Of Bitterness And Clarity
06. Silence Makes Noise (Eternity - The Mood)
07. Hell Is For Children
08. Aesthesis
09. Distractive Cryscendo
Line up Tomasz 'Orion' Wroblewski - Guitars, Vocals
Valeo - Guitars
Heinrich - Bass
Darek 'Daray' Brzozowski - Drums, Percussion
Siegmar - Keyboards