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Die Pigeon Die - Ripped From V To A
For those out there who have a need for intellectual lyrical content, here's Die Pigeon Die with their deep social commentary on todays political/economical position of the larger multinational corporations, in relation to the third world countries and their gravely undermined position in todays neo-liberal world.
First I have to tame some enthousiasm. Because the Bob Geldhof style message in a sensitive and fun song like 'Spastic Colone' is a bit too obvious. The singer, sounding like a broken drainpipe, tells us of the hypocrisy that surrounds the white house. A bit too obvious of a choice. However, on the sweet little ballad 'Enlarged Urinary Tract Neoplasm', one can't help but shedding a tear whilst hearing the beauty of it all.
In the end Ripped From V To A is an intelligent social commentary, that sheds light on a world in danger. Be sure to listen to great hits like 'Massive Warts In Pregnancy' by candlelight. Your girl will love this.
Romance intwined with brilliant and witty views on our little problematic planet. That is Die Pigeon Die. With it's homogenous low quality gurgle sound, this is without a doubt, the very best album of 2007.
Die Pigeon Die - Ripped From V To A
100/1001Details No Escape
Released on Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2008
Drainpipe Goregrind

Writer @Lex on Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Die Pigeon Die
Tracklisting 01. Intro
02. Spastic Colon
03. Unexpected Episiotomy
04. Enlarged Urinary Tracy Neoplasm
05. Ape Rape
06. Liquefied Remains of Digested Filth
07. Smacked Hooker
08. Massive Warts in Pregnancy
09. Depraved Endometrium
10. 'Bout had it
11. Ripped From V to A
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