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Fatal Injury - Fatal Injury
Barcelona - It was the first time that we met.......Barcelona - How can I forget....that Fatal Injury comes from a neighbourhood in you! Anyway: Fatal Injury was founded on 1997, when four friends from Barcelona decided to use his musical interests to do something else than wasting their time smoking on the neighbourhood"  (taken from their MySpace bio). I still don't know who's interests are being used or how they smoked on their neighbourhood; but I can tell you something about the band's self-titled debut album!

This small orchestra of sangria-holics plays your tried & tested mix of oldschool thrash metal with fast riffs and semi-grunted vocals, spiced up with some scandi-riffs and a blast beat here and there. The band is very proficient at their job especially during those guitar-moments that made me think about Arch Enemy and the Mighty Maiden. But as we all know, being able to play well doesn't mean that your songs kick ass. Opener 'Fear Against Fear' kicks in pretty well with an uptempo beat, but unfortunatly you'll find out that most of the tracks tend to hoover around this same speed. With a monotous effect as a result. 'Not Stronger Than Reality' is one of the more diverse tracks, containg a cool mid-tempo riff and a headbangable-ending. 'A Piece Of Us' is the 'trademark' acoustic piece; the main acoustic theme is a little too close to 'Call of Kthulu' but the tastefull guitarwork makes up for that one.

In the end, the record doesn't stand out in the current offering of all holy things metal, but if you're a fan of the genre you might find a few songs to your liking. A 75/100 for being a decent slab of metal.
Fatal Injury - Fatal Injury
75/1001Details Aural Offering
Released on Saturday Dec 1st, 2007

Writer @Carn on Thursday Jan 3rd, 2008

Tags: #Fatal Injury
Tracklisting 1 Fear Against Fear
2 My Only Chance
3 Nothing Returns
4 Don't Do Anything for Me
5 I`ll Attend At My Burial
6 Fatal Injury
7 Not Stronger Than Reality
8 A Piece of Us
9 The Truth of the Lie
10 We Are All Gonna Burn
11 Lost