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Limbonic Art - Legacy Of Evil
When the return of Limbonic Art was announced, I was a happy man. When suddenly there was a new record, I was an even happier man. Limbonic Art, I have missed you. In Abhorrence Dementia and Ad Noctum: Dynasty Of Death are still bona fide classics to me. And while The Ultimate Death Worship wasn't all that great in my book (I thought it to be a bit more of the same), I had high hopes that 5 years of doing different stuff would fuel their creative fires. And well, it did.

No intro whatsoever, the first song plunges your balls first into the fires of hell. High speed, symphonic madness, Daemon's rasping scream, the ever present programmed drums (even though they sound more natural than most of todays triggered metal records) and the instantly recognizable Limbonic melodies. Welcome back my friends, there really hasn't been anyone who took your throne in your absence, so take it.

The whole album is an orgy of varied Limbonic madness. You have your balls out black metal songs, more thrash oriented tracks, the slow atmospheric doomy ones and of course the Atilla Csihar alike clean vocals also make a welcome return.

The band actually isn't treading new waters here at all, but when it's executed so masterfully, who am I to complain? It sounds like they took all their best elements and crammed them onto this album, and even with a length of just about an hour it manages to be interesting at all times due to the sheer quality and variety of the material.

Essential stuff.
Limbonic Art - Legacy Of Evil
95/1001Details Candlelight
Released on Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2007
Symphonic Black Metal

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Sunday Jan 6th, 2008

Tags: #Limbonic Art
Tracklisting 1. A Cosmic Funeral of Memories
2. A Void of Lifeless Dreams
3. Grace by Torments
4. Infernal Phantom Kingdom
5. Legacy of Evil
6. Lycanthropic Tales
7. Nebulous Dawn
8. Seven Doors of Death
9. Twilight Omen
10. Unleashed From Hell
Line up Morpheus - Keys, Programming
Daemon - Guitars, Vocals