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Coronatus - Lux Noctis

Since I’d never heard of Coronatus before, I did some background research on them. After surfing the internet for about 5 minutes I found their homepage in German. And since their entire biography is written in that language I had to catch up with my German. Well Coronatus is a band from Germany which started in early 2005. After recording a demo, which brought them to several European stages, the first album was a logical step to follow. After the recording of Lux Noctis in 2006 the search for a record label started. Finally they ended up with Massacre Records who’d released their album last December.

Just to get in the mood the album starts with “Interrotte Speranze Part 1”, which immediately rose the question to part 2. Well there is no part 2. During this intro we immediately get to know the strongest part of Coronatus. The fact they have two female voices that are quite similar to each other is something you don’t run into very often these days. Most of the time it’s one female vocalist that has to stand against the brutal violence of the musicians and most of the time she doesn’t get away with it easily.

Luckily this isn’t the case for Coronatus and it’s rather the other way around. The fact they have two female voices makes it possible to create a wall of sound from time to time that gives the song extra power. Obviously this gives the album a nice kick in the ass.
Finally Lux Noctis is an album that is certainly recommendable for the so called gothic metal scene. Musically Coronatus is close to the sounds of Within Temptation, After Forever and Nightwish. A nice remark can be made about the fact that there are three languages present on the album. Not only German and English but also Latin. This gives a little bit the idea of what Coronatus is capable of. In the end there’s only one question that keeps running through my mind: Could this be the German answer to the Gothic metal scene?
Coronatus - Lux Noctis
83/1001Details Massacre Germany
Released on Monday Oct 8th, 2007
Gothic Metal

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Jan 13th, 2008

Tags: #Coronatus
Tracklisting 01. Interrotte Speranze
02. Scream Of The Butterfly
03. Silberlicht
04. Dunkle Blume
05. My Rose Desire
06. Winter
07. Hot&Cold
08. Requiem Tabernam
09. Ich Atme Zeit
10. In Remembrance
11. Volles Leben
Line up Carmen R. Schäfer - vocals
Ada Flechtner - vocals
Jo Lang - guitar
Chriz diAnno - bass
Mats Kurth - keyboards
Fabian Merkt - drums