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Necrodeath - Draculea
Necrodeath from Italy, mixing up thrash, black and death. With all the criticism at unoriginal bands people seem to feel more and more the urge to combine these genres. In their 21 years of existence this is their seventh record.
In faster songs sometimes a slight Legion of the Damned resemblance appears; thrash metal with screaming black vocals. ‘Smell of Blood’ and ‘Impaler Prince’ are examples of this, but Necrodeath never keeps on full speed an entire song. Every song has many parts where they slow it down to show their more melodic side. So Necrodeath is more varied than a, let’s just stick to the example above, Legion of the Damned, but this doesn’t mean that they sound more interesting. There was not one moment that even a small tent was erected in my pants, and that’s a bad sign. I was really giving up hope when their urge for a varied sound ended up in the awful Venom cover ‘Countess Bathory’ and the slow ‘V.T.1476’ with horrible clean gothic-like female vocals.
Necrodeath presents us a balanced record of thrash, black and death, but doesn’t manage to be of such a quality that this one sticks in my CD player for a while. In spite of this mix of genres I had to put this up the pile of uninteresting releases pretty soon.
Necrodeath - Draculea
63/1001Details Scarlet Records
Released on Sunday Oct 14th, 2007
Thrash, Black, Death

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Monday Jan 14th, 2008

Tags: #Necrodeath
Tracklisting 1. V.T.1431 04:23
2. Smell Of Blood 04:54
3. Party In Tirgoviste 05:44
4. Draculea 04:39
5. Fragments Of Insanity 05:45
6. Countess Bathory (Venom Cover) 03:09
7. The Golden Cup 06:02
8. Impaler Prince 06:37
9. V.T.1476 06:27
Line up Peso: drums
Flegias (Marcelo Santos): vocals
John: bass
Maxx: guitars