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The Light of Dark - Beyond Darkness&Hell We Come
You can just as well stop reading this review about the second record of this Mexican band, it’s just plain crap. Please spare your time, just for the sake of writing a review I’ll explain why you should ignore this release.
Beyond Darkness & Hell We Come starts out promisingly brutal with a blastbeat and vocals whose sound make you sit upright and grab your attention immediately. Unfortunately it bogs down after, well let's say ehm…one minute. This record is recorded in such a bad quality that the ultra fast riffs disappear in the hollow sound. It’s hard to follow what exactly is played here and that’s not because it is so ingenious complicated, it just lapses into meaningless riffin’. Where the riffs reach a recognizable level we recognize some uninspiring oldschool death metal. 

Add an almost constant blastbeat, to keep up that brutal sound, and you come to a very aggressive mix of just nothingness. Records which have a raw and unpolished sound are great, but not to the extent that it becomes one monotone mess of crappy sound. Sure it sounds brutal and sure these guys can play fast riffs, but making this into an interesting and decent entity is another thing. Only for the singer I’ve got hope that he will ever be in a band of any meaning.
I can not conclude something else then this being a redundant release for which nobody is waiting. This record is full with aggressive oldschool death metal songs which make no sense whatsoever.
The Light of Dark - Beyond Darkness&Hell We Come
30/1001Details American Line Productions
Released on Monday Oct 15th, 2007
Brutal Oldschool Death Metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Tuesday Jan 15th, 2008

Tags: #The Light of Dark
Tracklisting 1. Al Azif
2. Beyond Darkness And Hell We Come
3. Crowns For The Crowns
4. Murderer Conception
5. Among Deads
6. Underworld Command Attack
7. Burial In The Void
8. When Your Candles Goes Off
Line up Toño - Bass
Pablo - Drums
Jim - Guitar
Arturo - guitars
Juan - bass