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Sebastian Bach - Angel Down
Sebastian Bach is, of course, the lead singer of Skid Row. In the eighties this band exploded onto the scene with their tough yet melodic metal. In 2008, the band has completely disappeared from the collective metal memory, and so does their sound: the full-on rock approach to metal. Kind of like Guns n Roses….
..speaking of which: look who’s name is on the album cover: Axl Rose! An interesting appearance, since the rock world has hardly heard anything from the man since he announced a new Guns n Roses album somewhere around the industrial revolution. But in the end, even though Rose helps along on three different tracks, this is a Bach album, and it’s his typical vocals that make that very much so. It’s actually a Skid Row album, to be precise. And well that’s nice for nostalgic value, but today one doesn’t really have a need for it. Except for the fans back in the day. Who are all forty-something and own a Land rover.
So what, so good. Because it’s all good fun, and reminds the listener of a rock era that’s disappeared. Especially the addition of the typical Axl Rose vocals make it an experience of reminiscing. But after two or three listens, that’s enough, and chances are you either pick up a Mastodon or Coliseum record, or Skid Row’s self titled. Because frankly, that will do just fine.
Sebastian Bach - Angel Down
65/1001Details EMI
Released on Tuesday Nov 20th, 2007

Writer @Lex on Wednesday Jan 16th, 2008

Tags: #Sebastian Bach
Tracklisting 1. Angel Down
2. You Don't Understand
3. Back In The Saddle (featuring Axl Rose)
4. (Love Is) A Bitchslap (featuring Axl Rose)
5. Stuck Inside (featuring Axl Rose)
6. American Metalhead
7. Negative Light
8. Live & Die
9. By Your Side
10. Our Love Is A Lie
11. Take You Down With Me
12. Stabbin' Daggers
13. You Bring Me Down
Line up Sebastian Bach - lead vocals
"Metal" Mike Chlasciak - guitar
Johnny Chromatic - guitar
Steve DiGiorgio - bass guitar
Bobby Jarzombek - drums