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Taken - And They Slept
The Californian band Taken, which started out as a punkband, brings the world 'And They Slept' as their full-length debut in 2002. The extreme variation of their New School Hardcore and rocking Emo influences makes it very hard to cathegorize this band. But let's say it's hardcore.

The album, which doesn't last more than 32 minutes, is a big disappointment. The music is boring from the very first minute. Lots of weird sounds disturb that bit of nice music there is on the album and it doesn't fit at all. I definitely understand the name 'Taken' because they've [b]taken[/b] all their music from other bands and put it together on their own album. The voice of Ray Harkins is pretty good to listen to and sounds very much like a mix between the Five Pointe O and Killswitch Engage vocals. The only problem is that he is totally overruled by the instruments around him, he just can't put the right volume in his vocals.

I think it's clear that I don't like this album at all. There is absolutely no originality on it and it surely doesn't make me want to listen more of this band. I've listened to it for about 10 times but the more I heard it, the more nervous I became. Definitely not 'one to buy'!

Ray Harkins - vocals
Nick Beard - bass
Chad Tafolla - guitar
Erik Bensberg - guitar
Troy Born - drums

1. Never an Answer
2. Same Story, Different Day
3. The Most Feared Thing
4. A Coward For You
5. A Typical Clich´┐Ż
6. Beauty in Dead Flowers
7. Overused History
8. Overshadowing at 100 East
9. What's Best Right Now

[b]Review by Boek[/b]
Taken - And They Slept
45/1001Details Incendiary Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Friday May 28th, 2004

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