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The Machete - Untrue
"A machete is a large cleaver-like cutting tool. The blade is typically 50–60 cm (18–24 in) long, usually with a thin blade under 3mm thick." The Machete hail from the land of a few lakes and hot chicks (Finland). The band started out as a sideproject of members of Mokoma and Mind Riot; when their line-up got solid, Spinefarm Records got quite impressed with their first demo/full length. Untrue is the band's second album, so let's see if these guys are a cutting tool.

The disc instantly kicks off with 'Human Being Human', a track that has its fair share of Hatespherian-vibe. The band has chosen for a "down and dirty" guitarsound, actually reminding me of the holy Entombed. Groovy riffs, agressive vocals, very headbangable! The band is at its best when playing their heavy selection of songs. Some of the clean vocals feel forced, but I do have to say that the more calm and acoustic moments (like in 'No Solace') really put down a great atmosphere, actually reminding me of Khoma. The band doesn't shy away from using a few swing (or groovy) passages, and the track 'Back for More' has a cowbell intro. You just can't have enough cowbell!

Does Untrue cut through the vast choice of metal you have these days? I'm afraid not. But it does show that The Machete is a band with an organic, own sound. And you might just like it if you're sick of all the Pro-Tooled musicial violence out there.
The Machete - Untrue
73/1001Details Spinefarm Records
Released on Friday Nov 16th, 2007

Writer @Carn on Friday Jan 18th, 2008

Tags: #The Machete
Tracklisting 1. Human Being Human
2. Warmonger
3. Shatters
4. Blow By Blow
5. No Solace
6. Ready For Blood
7. Back For More
8. Ignorance
9. Craving
10. Life Sold
11. Lie Agreed Upon
Line up Tuomo Saikkonen - vocals
Santtu Hämäläinen - guitar
Juha Javanainen - guitar
Antti Vajanto - bass
Teemu Saikkonen - drums