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Enemy Of The Sun - Shadows

Waldemar Sorychta is not just a name in the big bad world that we call metal. It’s a name we can put together with a lot of great names in the business. For example Dave Lombardo, Moonspell, Tiamat or Sentenced Indeed. All names our friend Waldemar Sorychta has worked with in the past. Well he has a new toy this time which is called Enemy Of The Sun. A toy we will hear a lot from in the future if we might believe the biography that is added to the album.

The press in Germany has already spoken their verdict of the band and I believe that’s a good one. Not only were they unsigned band of the month in the Metal Hammer but also did they support Megadeth even before signing a deal. All this messages did rose a certain level of expectation. Well let’s see if he can live up to that expectation.
The album starts really great with the song ‘Emptiness’ which has a killer intro, just listen to it and you know what I mean. Continuing with ‘Burning Bridges’, which does remind me a lot of Fear Factory, wouldn’t be my first choice. It slows down the album before it’s even started. It’s the same story with ‘Lives Based On Conflicts’ and ‘Clearly Surreal’, the third and fourth song of the album. Which gives me the feeling the album has a killer start but there is nothing left after that.
Luckily for me ‘Carousel’ is the right deserving kick in the ass. Finally some brutal riffing and drumming comes along like I already heard in the first song. This gives again hope for the rest of the album that has to follow. With songs like ‘Satisfied By Ego Purposes’, ‘Brain Sucking Machine’ and ‘The Sun Will Die’ this hope turns into reality and finally gives the album a worthy ending.
Enemy Of The Sun claimed to be the next level of what they like to call cyber thrash metal. In my opinion they’re not quite there yet. Along the way there was a lot of peeking at other bands. Which in my opinion resulted in an album that has both good and bad points. Of course the band is great but the sound could have been better. During several songs I have the idea Waldemar wanted too much, which results in songs that seem to last forever.  
Enemy Of The Sun - Shadows
72/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Tuesday Dec 18th, 2007
Cyber Thrash Metal

Writer @Niamen on Friday Jan 18th, 2008

Tags: #Enemy Of The Sun
Tracklisting 1. Emptiness
2. Burning Bridges
3. Lives Based on Conflicts
4. Clearly Surreal
5. Carousel
6. Twenty Three Feet
7. Feel The Beating
8. Satisfied by Ego Purposes
9. Brain Sucking Machine
10. Weak
11. Liar
12. The Sun Will Die (Bonus Track)
13. Lost In Time
Line up Jules Näveri - vocals
Waldemar Sorychta - Guitars
Alla Fedynitch - bass
Daniel Zeman - Drums