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Dimæon - I, Mortal
Assuming that most of you have never heard of Dimæon before, here’s a small description of what you can expect, as taken from their official biography: “The music of Dimæon is all about serenity, symmetry and beauty, co-existing with entropy, misery and brutality. Each epic composition runs through its own distinct set of contrasting emotions, yet always saturated with melancholy. Influences range from 70’s progressive rock to death metal, from doom to jazz-fusion and back again.” Something refreshing you might say, so let’s find out!
And refreshing it is, in a certain way. Let me rephrase that, it’s something you don’t hear too often, refreshing I wouldn’t call it to be honest. The first song of this EP is ‘The Seventh Sphere’. And I think that name suits the song perfectly since the song hosts a wide range of atmospheres, all created by different styles of music. Like quoted in the intro, you can hear lots of styles in both of the songs which really adds up to the originality of them.
What’s more, the different styles flow into each other very smoothly. I mean, it’s not like you’re listening to different songs within a song. It’s just that there are jazzy moments of rest and moments of bombastic outbursts with an epic sound, followed by a more prog-ish approach or even doom influenced parts. Really diverse!
So musically this album is quite alright if I say so myself. What bothers me are the vocals. I think they’re a bit too low, a bit too depressing. And you’re right when you think that depressing vocals would fit the music, it’s just that they’re not convincing enough to me. I miss the real power! For instance the power you can hear in a (nasty) scream. On this EP it just sticks to grunts, which is bit of pity. To keep my conclusion short; just check these guys and girl out sometime! It’s not superb yet but it definitely shows potential.
Dimæon - I, Mortal
No ScoreDetails Independent
Released on Tuesday Jan 1st, 2008
Diverse Metal

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Jan 22nd, 2008

Tags: #Dimæon
Tracklisting 1. The Seventh Sphere
2. Black Dawn
Line up Rembert – Guitar
Philippus – Bass
Janneke – Keys
Jelle – Drums
Sybren – Guitar
Ferdinand – Vocals