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Advent - The Dawn
[i]The Dawn[/i] is the first official album [b]Advent[/b] recorded for [i]Golden Lake Productions[/i]. These Italian men describe their style as majestic Blackmetal with progressive elements, and I think that really is the best way to describe it. [b]Advent[/b] have only performed live three times so far (as stated in their biography), which makes me wonder... because the band was formed towards the end of 1998. That aside, let�s take a look at [i]The Dawn[/i]. Hmm... not bad. Not bad at all, actually. [i]Paradise Lost[/i], the opener of [i]The Dawn[/i], is a song which shows the significance of the band. Clean vocals which remind me of [b]Simen Hestnaes[/b] (ex- [b]Borknagar[/b]), a nasty Blackmetal scream and a deep Deathmetal grunt: vocalist Federico can do it all. Although I strongly have the impression he uses effects on some of his grunts, this is not disturbing towards the listener. About the music: on [i]Valholl[/i], the second song featured on this album (also released on the second, same titled demo cd), starts out with overdrive guitarrifs and clean vocals. Then, the melodic chords come crashing in. The music varies from slow, melodic parts to fast, technical riffs and solid drums. The drumspeed is fast, although I wouldn�t call it �blastbeat�. In my opinion it floates somewhere in between. Lyrically, these Italians don�t really expand new borders. [i]Paradise Lost[/i] for example, has a stereotypical anti-christ Blackmetal lyric. Other subjects are the dark, unseen things which are lurking in the human mind and phylosophical journeys, which I find well-described. Although I didn�t really find [b]Advent[/b] to be a progressive Blackmetalband (the only progressive about it is the use of different vocals, as far as I can tell), it sure was interesting enough to listen to. The variation this album contains is immense, from keyboard instrumentals to fast melodic Blackmetal songs. A recommendation for fans of melodic Blackmetal! [b]Line-Up[/b]: Federico Capellaro: Vocals Giorgo Mula: Guitars Alessandro Bruti: Guitars Luigi Bertolotto: Bass Riccardo Anzaldi: Drums [b]Tracklisting[/b]: 1. Paradise Lost 2. Valholl 3. Shub-Niggurath 4. Beyond The Landscape 5. The Dawn 6. The Thing The Sleep In The Abyss 7. Landscape 8. La Lama (The Blade) 9. A Closed Room [b]Review by BlackRain[/b]
Advent - The Dawn
80/1001Details Golden Lake / Sonic Rendezvous
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Advent
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