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Deleterious - Suspiciously Close To Infinity
Ever since its birth in 1999, Deleterious has gone through numerous line-up changes and musical preferences. They started with covers but soon released a MCD with their own material. But as another Dutch death metal band decided to continue under the moniker I.N.R.I., the other band in question decided to change its name into Deleterious. According to their bio, we will get to hear something that’s hard to label. A mix between black and death metal with a modern approach to it.
I’ll tell you right away what I think of this MCD. It kicks ass! Why? Because in the middle of all those bands that make decent death and black metal, Deleterious has found a way to stand out from those masses. Not only do they use great variation in their guitar and drum sections by using a lot of different tempos and approaches towards death and black metal, they even use a breakcore part in one of their songs. A breakcore part! Fuck yeah! That’s original!
The vocal department is really black metal based but with a strong and convincing voice. So not much death metal to be found there. But then again, the music has so much different elements in it that there’s enough to listen to already. Every time you listen to it you hear new things. Which may make this MCD a tad difficult to listen to for some of you out there but who cares?! Deleterious put out a very nice effort, that’s absolutely worth a try!
So if you’re planning to check out this band, be sure to listen to (the end of) ‘In Dying Motion’. I can honestly say that Suspiciously Close To Infinity contains enough variation to keep things interesting for quite a few spins. Three words to the band: continue this way!
Deleterious - Suspiciously Close To Infinity
No ScoreDetails Independent
Released on Friday Sep 28th, 2007
Modern Death/Black

Writer @Boek on Saturday Feb 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Deleterious
Tracklisting 1. 3
2. Divine Interference
3. In Dying Motion
4. Quip ‘n’ Quail
5. Death Is Just The Way I Composed It
Line up Bart Hereijgers – Vocals, Guitar
Yorick van Steenis – Guitar
Martine Sipma – Bass
Melvin Buskermolen – Drums