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Inexacta - Previous Trick Us
After searching the internet for some information about the band Inexacta, I could already tell they’re from Santiago, Chili. Luckily there is an English biography on their Myspace, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to say a lot about them. Grammar flaws or weird English sentences (also on the inlay of the CD) were hard not to notice. Here’s an example of how the guys describe themselves: “Inexacta is something we never thought to reproduce, we simply arrived to this and it surprises us at any moment, certainly is some kind of a creature greater than our added forces.”
Starting in 2004, Inexacta has now delivered their first CD called Previous Trick Us. The South American vibe to this album is something you immediately notice when you turn it on. Links to band like Sepultura, Soulfly and Chimaira are quickly made. I wondered if this band could bring something new to the grooving and rhythmic metal or would be able to sound as powerful as those other bands.
The CD starts with a song called ‘In Sane Side’. After a nice intro the song keeps on presenting riffs which are repeated throughout the song. Before I noticed I had listened to the whole CD without paying attention to it most of the time. Sometimes I noticed a new and promising riff or an intro, but my attention derived when I felt this riff was simply fading away or being replaced. 

This band just couldn’t catch my attention. The drummer wasn’t speeding up the rhythm at points you expected it. Also the singer sounded like he had to do a lot of effort sounding the way he does. In the song ‘Everything Not Dead’  he sings clean for a few seconds. I would recommend this for the future. Another thing which made this CD one sing-a-long song was the song pattern which could be found in merely all the songs. As an exception there was a clean part or a guitar solo here and there, but after this a new riff was presented and after it kept repeating with little or no variation, another … You get the point.
I hope Inexacta can make their music sound more exciting on the next albums, because I do hear potential in this grooving band with a lot of South American energy. The instrumental song ‘Assume the End’  for example is heading towards the right direction. A positive thing is that the band is relatively easy to listen to. Because of the easy song structures, catchy rhythms and the mid-tempos used, I think this band can reach out to a large audience. In the end I think the music is worth listening to, but isn’t really ‘buenos’ (yet).
Inexacta - Previous Trick Us
63/1001Details Independent
Released on Tuesday Aug 26th, 2008
Rhythmic Metal

Writer @Lukie on Saturday Feb 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Inexacta
Tracklisting 1. In Sane Side
2. From Right 2 Wrong
3. Everything is not Dead
4. K.A.N.O.
5. Nothing Moves
6. Breathing Deception
7. Lie to my Face
8. Devastated
9. Assuming the End
10. Aberración
Line up Carlos Martínez - Vocal&Guitars
Alberto Cabezas - Guitars
Sebastián Riquelme - Drums
Alfonso Celis - Bass