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Märvel - Thunderblood Heart
It’s pretty obvious that the members of Märvel are great comic fans. Not only did they base the name of the band on a well known comic publishing group, they also made up their own characters (Vocalo, Animalizer and The Ambassador) with a background story. In real life, Märvel exist of three guys that live in New York City. Of course, when your name is Märvel and you have the cool characters with a great background story you've got to have killer artwork. And damn, they do!!
But we are a music webzine that has to review the music and not the band itself. Starting after a little useless intro, we have ‘Fringe Of Comfort’, which immediately gives me a great feeling. Straight forward high energy rock 'n' roll. During the second song, ‘I Wanna Know You (Just A little Bit Better)´, which is also their first single, I’m already dancing around in my room. Of course I’m not a great dancer but there’s no one who sees it anyway.
´Thunderblood Heart´ and ´So Good Together´ are not the best songs on the album but are still way above the average rock song. With ´Code Of The Road,’ the pedal goes to the metal again and Märvel shows that they're capable of writing great rock songs with a nice ode to the past. Check for example the intro riff of ‘Willful Non Participation’ that has written AC/DC all over it.
Thunderblood Heart is a great rock album that probably won’t go unnoticed. Songs of great quality and high standard bring this album in the picture. So, when you’re looking for a great new rock band just to have fun with, Märvel is the band you’re looking for. Indeed a must have for a lot of rock fans.
Märvel - Thunderblood Heart
82/1001Details Killer Cobra
Released on Friday Feb 8th, 2008
Punk / Rock 'n Roll

Writer @Niamen on Friday Feb 8th, 2008

Tags: #Märvel
Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. Fringe of Comfort
3. I Wanna Know You (Just a little bit better)
4. Thunderblood Heart
5. So Good Together
6. Girl Where's My Amulet
7. Code of Road
8. Cagney sans Lacey (the City is Burning)
9. Willful non Participation
10. Mind Over Matter
11. Musta Fresta
Line up John Steen aka Vocalo - Guitars, Vocals
Ulrik Bostedt aka Animalizer - Bass, Guitar
Tony Samuelsson aka The Ambassador - Drums, Percussion