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Suicidal Winds - Chaos Rising
We are in the year 1992 when the first signs of life around Suicidal Winds begin to occur. After several demos, there is finally their first full length in 1999 called Winds Of Death. From 1999 'til this day, a lot of albums are released. Full-lengths, EPs, split albums and even two live albums. If you add everything together, Suicidal Winds has recently released their 15th record called Chaos Rising.
With the start of ‘Slowly We Frost’ (could this be an ode to Obituary?) the album makes its first spins in my CD-player. This song is basically nothing more than an intro and with ‘Worlds End’' we finally get to hear Suicidal Winds in action. A mixture of death, black and thrash metal is terrorizing my ears and the whole picture is coming together. The artwork, the band and the music. To be honest, it just took the name to already do the trick.
The mixture of death, black and thrash is not very unique in the evil metal world. Which is probably the main reason why Suicidal Winds never reached a greater audience. Everything they do has been done before and most of the time even better. I’m not saying that Chaos Rising is a bad album but it all sounds too mediocre for me. Of course it’s not all rubbish. With ‘Balad Of Death’ there’s even a balad on the album. For as long as you can call a song with grunts a balad.
Overall, Chaos Rising is not an album that will end up in my yearlist. On the other hand, that would be impossible considering this album was released in 2007. Suicidal Winds shows that you can release an album that is full of great guitar work, tight drumming and aggressive vocals, but that all those things combined aren’t a guarantee for a great album. Oh, and if you put a hidden track on an album, please make one that is worth to listen to and not a bassriff that is looped for 4 minutes. 
Suicidal Winds - Chaos Rising
55/1001Details Pulverised Records
Released on Friday Feb 8th, 2008
Black Death Thrash metal

Writer @Niamen on Friday Feb 8th, 2008

Tags: #Suicidal Winds
Tracklisting 1. Slowly We Frost 1:26
2. World's End 3:19
3. Annihilation and Chaos 3:35
4. Destruction Invocation 2:54
5. Chaos Rising 2:36
6. Ballade of Death 2:34
7. Death to All 3:59
8. Unevitable Doom 3:00
9. Freddy Flesheater 3:13
10. Thanatophobia 3:42
11. Born to Hate 3:41
Line up Mathias Johansson - Vocals
Emil Johansson - Guitar
Peter Haglund Guitar
Fredrik Andersson - Bass
Thomas Hedgren - Drums