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Obskuria - Discovery of Obskuria
As stated in another review: I am not very fond of hippies. However...I am not here to review the hippie factor of a band, I am here to review music. But since you're reading anyway: Obskuria is a band that exists of hippies from three different continents that are trying reeeeaaaaaallllyyy hard to be weird, strange and very Mars Volta. Weird ass artwork and they talk about renaming some dumbass planet and call it Obskuria. Go ahead, I couldn't care less...Hippies! The music then:

The music's great! This project is from all over the globe and maybe that's necessary to get a new view on music. Or, even better, an old view back! Obskuria goes where bands like Pink Floyd went about 50 years ago, and that's space my friends! I'm not really crazy about the covers on this album, but when you hear songs like 'Sence Of It's Own' and the title track, you know there aren't enough mushrooms in the world to make this music! It sounds as if some great musicians got really stoned and forgot to turn off the recorder, and I like it!!

Whatever you might think of Obskuria's desperate need for weirdness, they are exceptional! There a not a whole lot of bands that still make music like this and give a rat's ass about the standard that is out there as far as expirimenting is concerned, and that is exactly where its strentgh lies! Obskuria takes you back to the days when music was still music!
Obskuria - Discovery of Obskuria
85/1001Details World in Sound
Released on Sunday Feb 10th, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Feb 10th, 2008

Tags: #Obskuria
Tracklisting 01. I Am My Own God
02. For Whom The Bell Tolls
03. I See
04. Come Together
05. Breakfast Suite
06. Forbidden Look
07. Essence Of Its Own
08. Turn Your Face
09. Discovery Of Obskuria
10. Die Die My Darling
11. The World Is Gone
Line up Tom Brehm - Guitar (USA)
Miguel Angel Burga - Guitar, Vocals (on tracks 01, 02, 10) (Peru)
Winnie Rimbach-Sator - Keyboards (Germany)
Enrique de Vinatea - Drums (Peru)
Carlos Vidal - Bass (Peru)
Xtian Abugattas - 3D Sound Effects (Peru)
Matthias Schäuble - Guitars, Vocals (on tracks 03, 04, 08) (Germany)
Kristin Shey - Vocals (on track 10)
Peter Thomas - Track 11 (Germany)