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Xcentrik - Welcome To The War
X-Centrik is a Copenhagen based band which makes their debut with this cd. It was one of the few CDs left to sign up to review. Most of the time this isn’t a good sign. Normally a CD that lays around for a while waiting to be reviewed is a CD which a) isn´t good enough or b) is a style of metal/rock that doesn´t fancy any of the Metalrage reviewers tastes (though this is virtually impossible since Metalrage has a base of reviewers with a very broad taste regarding rock and metal). Or is there something else….

I first listened to some songs on their MySpace and I have to say that these songs give a wrong impression of the music that Xcentrik brings. That brings me to the first problem, how the hell do you describe the music on a CD with such a broad range of influences?!? When listening to the first songs I thought that I listened to a poor man´s version of Chris Caffery and I have to admit that these songs are the weak ones on this outing and they really have to put a big red cross through those influences. After this it seems that I´m listening to a completely different band. I hear some quirky Faith No More influences combined with laidback rock or some heavy riffing. The songs after that sound different again.

These guys are indeed original, but are really lacking an own face and style. They have to drop the heavy metal influences and really have to focus on the Faith No More parts. Their singer is also much better in these parts, because he lacks the power in his voice for the heavy metal songs. If the next disc will be a bit more coherent and a bit better produced (it sounds a bit tame), it will definitely be an upgrade over this disc. This album isn´t bad but it just gives me too few incentives to grab it out of my CD collection and put it on.
Xcentrik - Welcome To The War
68/1001Details Biomechanical Music
Released on Tuesday Oct 30th, 2007
Progressive Rock/Heavy Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Thursday Feb 14th, 2008

Tags: #Xcentrik
Tracklisting 1. Welcome To The War
2. Domino
3. Gertrudestein
4. Sweet Idol
5. Spinning
6. Color&Light
7. Fabulous Machine
8. Vanity
9. The End Of Nowhere
Line up Jan Weincke – Lead Vocals&Guitar
Niels Knudsen – Bass
Valentino - Drums