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Slough Feg - Hardworlder

Hardworlder is the sixth studio album for American heavy metallers Slough Feg. They see themselves as American legends and one of the leaders of US Metal. They formed in the early 90s and their main goal is to hold on to the good ol' Heavy Metal. Though being on the road for almost twenty years they never toured overseas and stayed limited to America.

Although they say to play US metal, the Iron Maiden and Judas Priest influences cannot be neglected. Though Slough Feg does what they say - play heavy metal like many bands did back then - they cannot really convince. The guitar solos really are top notch and a pleasure to hear but that's about the only nice aspect. The rest of the album isn’t bad, but just plain simple. Drums, rhythmic guitar and voice do what fits and sounds good, but no more. The album contains thirteen songs yet only takes about 40 minutes to listen through. They'll have to bring more original and convincing songs to really be American legends, I'm afraid.

Surely every heavy metal fan will enjoy this, but there are a lot more of these albums and those are mostly better too. If they want to be leaders of US heavy metal, they have some catching up to do! I'd say you're better off taking some dusty old record from Maiden, Priest or Accept and enjoy those pieces of art once again.

Slough Feg - Hardworlder
77/1001Details Cruz Del Sur Music
Released on Thursday Aug 9th, 2007
Heavy Metal

Writer @Peekay on Thursday Feb 14th, 2008

Tags: #Slough Feg
Tracklisting 1. The Return of Doctor Universe (1:18)
2. Tiger! Tiger! (4:13)
3. The Sea Wolf (2:31)
4. Hardworlder (4:31)
5. The Spoils (2:19)
6. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Blues (2:44)
7. Galactic Nomad (3:42)
8. Dearg Doom (3:17)
9. Insomnia (4:11)
10. Poisened Treasures (3:05)
11. Karma-Kazee (5:23)
12. Whirling Vortex (1:20)
13. Street Jammer (4:29)
Line up Michael Scalzi - Guitars/Vocals
Angelo Tringali - Guitars
Adrian Maestas - Bass
Harry Cantwell - Drums