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Ophiolatry - Transmutation
Ophiolatry is a brutal death metal band from Brazil. Now I unfortunately know very few bands from that country that have, next to a brutal sound, also a good production. Let’s see if I can add this trio to my select list of worthy South American metal bands.

After only minutes of playtime I can already say yes, this sounds good! The production is excellent and everything is well audible while this disc at the same time has a true raw and underground vibe. The brutal fundament on Transmutation comes forth from Duarte’s insane drumming; his blasting just goes on and on and I wonder how he does this live - this man must be in top condition to do a whole show. He’s even giving everything he has during the guitar solos that are also well presented on this record. Guitar player Fabio shreds like he plays for three while also his swinging solo-work is of a high level.

Add the brutal grunt of Antonio and you’ve got yourself another nice brutal death metal band, comparable with (older work of) for example the Brazilian bands Krisiun, Mental Horror and Nephasth, as well as North American’s Monstrosity and Vital Remains - who came up in my mind because of the guitar virtuosity. A recommendation to those who are in for a lethal dose of brutal anti-Christianity!
Ophiolatry - Transmutation
75/1001Details Regain Records/Forces Of Satan Records
Released on Monday Jan 21st, 2008
Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Thursday Feb 14th, 2008

Tags: #Ophiolatry
Tracklisting 01. Parricide
02. Transmutation
03. Abyss Of Alienation
04. Divine Stigma
05. Nominating The Oxen
06. Cauterization
07. Urutu
08. The Ghost
09. Neuropsychoperverse
10. Variações 1
11. Art Of War
12. G.O.D.?
13. Eradicating The Paradigm
14. Diabolism
15. Sub-Race
16. Prelúdio No. 4
Line up Antonio Cozta - Vocals, Bass
Fabio Zperandio - Guitars
Jhorge “Dog” Duarte - Drums