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miLù - Longing Speaks With Many Tongues
What the hell is this release doing at Metalrage? And even weirder, why do I want to review almost every album that makes me ask this question? miLù is a German singer/songwriter, or at least a sort of, that has done various projects with her first band Mila Mar, another band called Schiller and she did some cooperations with film makers. Now she presents us the album Longing Speaks With Many Tongues, which she claims to be the return to her roots.
A lot of her lyrics are in her own fantasy-language, so don’t try to understand the lyrics please. Now this might make some Dutch readers think of our own Eurovision songfestival blunder Treble, but where that sounds kind of immature, miLù sounds quite serious. Her music is very vocal orientated with minimal synths supporting her voice. Long-stretched, atmospheric and spacey tracks pass by, that might make one think of Björk. Other comparisons I find hard to make, since I’m reviewing something that I don’t know too much about.
The echo on miLù’s voice is pretty heavy, and as all producers reading this know, this could be done to cover up small mistakes and such. Other than that it just adds to the spacey and dreamy atmosphere on the record. Perfect to listen to after or during the consumption of a big spliff. Fans of female vocals and spacey music should give miLù a try.
miLù - Longing Speaks With Many Tongues
77/1001Details Premium Records
Released on Friday Jan 25th, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Feb 16th, 2008

Tags: #miLù
Tracklisting 01. Tara
02. Warm
03. 1000
04. Frida
05. Second Voice
06. Swan
07. Windows
08. Goodbye
09. Orchidee
10. Nacht
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