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Bolesno Grinje / Mercenary Cockroach - Split CD
Two grindcore acts from Croatia releasing a split CD on Endless Brutality Of Men Records, that I gotta check out. One of them, Bolesno Grinje, has already been reviewed by me when I received their last full length; Od Nesvijesti Do Grinda. The other one; Mercenary Cockroach is a relatively new band. Let’s see what kind of noise hails from this small country.
Well, that this is grindcore is quite easy to notice. The Napalm Death influences are literally dripping from this entire split CD, so that means both bands. The only real difference between the bands is that Mercenary Cockroach sounds a bit faster and more aggressive than Bolesno Grinje, and that Bolesno Grinje grooves a bit more than Mercenary Cockroach. Both bands have written nine songs for this record. It is nice to hear two different bands on this disc, because when you’re halfway through the disc and you slowly begin to lose attention, a new and refreshing sound kicks you in the face. Lovely grindcore indeed.
This is bound to please any visitor of the Obscene Extreme festival. I can’t see why die hard grindcore fans wouldn’t like these two acts, and therefore I urge them to go and check this disc out if you can find it.
Bolesno Grinje / Mercenary Cockroach - Split CD
78/1001Details Endless Brutality Of Men Records
Released on Saturday Oct 20th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Feb 17th, 2008

Tags: #Bolesno Grinje / Mercenary Cockroach
Tracklisting Bolesno Grinje:

01. Grinjofobia
02. Dajem otkaz
03. Moj prijatelj zombi
04. P.T.S.D.
05. Zemlja zove grinje
06. Nema me-pojeo sam se
07. Mamu im
08. Odmor 2 metra pod zemljom
09. Nervoza

Mercenary Cockroach:

10. Capitalist values
11. Take A Pill
12. Apocalypse upside down
13. Age of deception
14. Steps to nowhere
15. No. On paper
16. 0,00 promile
17. Dead hope
18. Prejudice
Line up Bolesno Grinje:

Angeri - Vocals
Jule - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Hoc - Bass/Backing Vocals
Rio - Drums/Backing Vocals

Mercenary Cockroach:

Robi - Vocals
Ivo - Guitar
Mrki - Guitar
Dragan - Bass
Sebo - Drums