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Kingdom Of Sorrow - Kingdom Of Sorrow

Over a decade ago a 16-year old hardcore kid introduced himself to the guitarist of his favorite band. A short time later the kid, who actively booked shows throughout New England, put up the cash for a Napalm Death/Crowbar show in order that his band, called Hatebreed, could support these acts. Ever since the singer of Hatebreed and the guitarist of Crowbar remained in close contact.

In May 2005 the two friends came together to write and record some songs. The first ever released song for this project was the track ‘Buried In Black’, which can be found on Roadrunner Records’ MTV2 Headbangers Ball: The Revenge compilation. The track received much positive feedback and in the fall of 2007 they were signed by Relapse Records.
If you go a little bit back in time to a band called Audioslave you know that not every super group has the same success as the other members’ bands. With Kingdom Of Sorrow it probably will be a bit of the same story. The music sounds good, aggressive and well-thought, but there still remains a voice in your head, which says: “I like Down, Crowbar and Hatebreed better.”
If you listen to the music you’ll hear Hatebreeds vocals (and once in a while a breakdown a la Hatebreed), Crowbars vocals and Downs riffs. A real negative point is the clean singing of Jamey. His screams are perfect, but he also has some constraints. Constraints aren’t a big thing, but if you have them you shouldn’t experiment that much with your voice. Just stick it to your normal style.
This music isn’t world shocking, it isn’t bad either, but with names like Jamey Jasta and Kirk Windstein I had expected way more!
Kingdom Of Sorrow - Kingdom Of Sorrow
70/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Monday Feb 25th, 2008
Metal / Hardrock

Writer @Gilles on Wednesday Feb 20th, 2008

Tags: #Kingdom Of Sorrow
Tracklisting 1. Hear This Prayer For Her - 3:56
2. Grieve A Lifetime - 3:23
3. Piece It All Back Together - 3:31
4. Led Into Demise - 3:12
5. Demon Eyes (Demonized) - 2:35
6. With Unspoken Words - 3:20
7. Free The Fallen - 2:51
8. Screaming Into The Sky - 5:41
9. Lead The Ghosts Astray - 2:32
10. Begging For The Truth - 3:34
11. Buried In Black - 4:05
Line up Kirk Windstein - Vocals and Guitars
Jamey Jasta - Vocals
Steve Gibb - Guitars
Derek Kerswill - Drums
Matthew Brunson - Bass