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Dawn Of Demise - Hate Takes Its Form
Dawn Of Demise is a Danish death metal band that I already knew from their 2006 demo ...And Blood Will Flow. The three tracks on that disc as well as seven new ones were now (re-)recorded for what is their debut full-length: Hate Takes Its Form.

This album was recorded in a small studio in their hometown, but mixed and mastered by no one else then Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Hatesphere, Yyrkoon). His skills caused Dawn Of Demise an almost overproduced record on which all of the instruments are damn good audible. During all tracks featured on Hate Takes Its Form we are treated on a (un)healthy dose of accurate riffing, good solo’s, heavy triggered pedal-work and speedy drumrolls, not to mention Scott’s brutal death growls.

All ingredients for a great death metal record where I can hardly reprimand anything on about. The titletrack features guest vocals from ex-Hatesphere frontman Jacob Bredahl while Koldborn’s vocalist Lars Bjørn-Hansen gave act to presence on ‘Domestic Slaughter’. Koldborn is by the way a good comparison as a band from the same country, while Dawn Of Demise’ sound also tends to the NY-death metal style that is played by bands such as Suffocation, Internal Bleeding and Inveracity.

The only reason to advice against checking this disc out is because of its production, if you like your death metal raw and unpolished you should stick to their demo. For any other death metal fan I can surely recommend this band’s excellent debut record!
Dawn Of Demise - Hate Takes Its Form
80/1001Details Deepsend Records
Released on Thursday Sep 20th, 2007
Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Wednesday Feb 20th, 2008

Tags: #Dawn Of Demise
Tracklisting 01. Hate Takes Its Form
02. ...And Blood Will Flow
03. Degrading The Worthless
04. Within The Flesh
05. Intent To Kill
06. Impurity
07. Beyond Murder
08. Malice - Kill To Conform
09. Domestic Slaughter
10. Regain Our Masochist
Line up Scott Jensen - Vocals
Martin Sørensen - Guitar
Bjørn Jensen - Bass
Kim Jensen - Drums