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Deliverance - As above - So below
According to their bio, Deliverance was the first band ever to have a Christian video on MTV. Wow! How heavy Metal is that! Oh well, to each his own we'll say. So I kind off expected some gay-ass POD like band. I must say, I was surprised. In a good way.

Deliverance apparantly have been at it since '89 in the last century! I never heard of them, my bad. Their new album has some great riffs and some even better changes of pace in the songs. I didn't quite catch the lyrics though, did hear the phrase; Turn the other cheek. The drumtrack is the base for the album, it is not that special but it is so tight that all the other musicians around it can do their thing and excell. The guitar players take their advantage and fill the space with some great solos and riffs! Also there are some easier pieces on there like the intro to 'Thistles', which is a fantastic piece of music!

Deliverance brings us some real heavy metal. It is not that new however and therefore it gets a bit dull after a while. This may be one out of a dozen, but it is one the better ones!
Deliverance - As above - So below
Released on Tuesday Jan 1st, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Thursday Feb 21st, 2008

Tags: #Deliverance
Tracklisting 01. Legum Servi Sumus Ut Liberi Esse Possimus (intro)
02. Cause & Effect
03. Return To Form
04. As Above - So Below
05. Screaming
06. Should We Cross Paths
07. Contempt
08. Thistles
09. My Love
10. Enlightened
Line up Jimmy p. Brown - Vox&guitar
Mike Phillips - Lead and rhythm guitar
Tim Kronyak - Bass guitar
Mike Reed - Drums