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Ascension of the Watchers - Numonisum
Years ago, I read about Ascension Of The Watchers, a side project of Fear Factory singer Burton C Bell and John Bechdel (Frontline Assembly, Ministry, Killing Joke). The music would be more electronic and ambient. Somehow I started fantasizing about a mix between Fear Factory's melodic songs spiced up with Nine Inch Nails-like influences. After a few demos it is finally time for a full lenght album called Numinosum.

And a 'full lenght' it is, clocking in around 72:20, which can either be great if the music is good, or so-so if it's not. And unfortunately that last example happens to be the case. Most tracks consist of sampled drums, layered synths and keyboards. I just had the idea that I was listening to a record full of interludes instead of full-blown tracks who could carry me away in some other state of existance. And at that, the songs do have some great parts ('Evading has a great chorus, and 'Canon for my Beloved' and 'Moonshine' are almost like authentic folk songs) but they all could have used some trimming. One of the album's highlights is the Simon & Garfunkel cover of 'Sound of Silence', which works very well in this context and is proof that this style of music can work pretty well if the songs are good.

Numinosum is quite a good experiment, but not a succesful one. It sure has it's highlights, but they are to far and to few in between. Then again, this record wasn't aimed at the masses and has been a more personal project to begin with. Worth checking out if you have a thing for this genre.
Ascension of the Watchers - Numonisum
69/1001Details 13th Planet Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 19th, 2008
Electronic / Ambient

Writer @Carn on Thursday Feb 21st, 2008

Tags: #Ascension of the Watchers
Tracklisting 1:Ascendant
3:Residual Presence
4:Canon For My Beloved
6:Mars Becoming
7:On The River
8:Violent Morning
9:Like Falling Snow
10:Sounds Of Silence
Line up * Burton C. Bell - guitar / vocals
* John Bechdel - keyboards / programming
* Edu Mussi - guitar