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Foxy Shazam - Introducing

Shazam! Foxy! Two words, one great description of a sound. Besides that, it’s a great bandname. Works fine on stickers and T-shirts, if you’d ask me.

Foxy Shazam are the kind of band that make you want to write a review with loads of exclamation marks in it. Foxy! Shazam! Party! Hardy! Andrew WK meets Mondo Generator! And there’s some soul to it as well. Introducing is a nice collection of songs with a surprising mixture of styles. Little bit of hardcore, little bits of soul, little bit of a lot of bits, all in all. With only one determination: par-tey.

So nothing too serious, what we’re dealing with here. Thank fuck. It’s all good rock ‘n’tertainment that is fairly foot-tapable and head-noddish material. Ok, so Foxy pushes the envelope a tad too much when trying on some classical piano stuff on top of the hard guitars (a bit too much kitsch), but the rest of it is all a very entertaining listen.

Introducing swings through loads of musical influences but is not limited to chamber music, symphonic rock, hardcore, hard rock, electro pop, and soul. Good fun, worth a listen. Kind of like Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster thinking out of the box, or Mondo Generator with slightly less hysteria blended with about everything this Foxy Shazam has in its private record collection. 

Foxy Shazam - Introducing
77/1001Details New Weatherman / Ferret
Released on Thursday Feb 21st, 2008
Rock n Roll Plus 1

Writer @Lex on Thursday Feb 21st, 2008

Tags: #Foxy Shazam
Tracklisting 01. Introducing Foxy
02. The Rocketeer
03. A Dangerous Man
04. The Science of Love
05. A Black Man’s Breakfast
06. It’s Hair Smelled Like Bonfire
07. Red Cape Diver
08. Yes! Yes! Yes!
09. Ghost Animals
10. Cool
Line up Loren Daniel Turner - Guitar
Eric Sean Nally - Vocals
Schuyler Vaughn White - Piano&Keyboard
Daisy - Bass
Joseph Allen Halberstadt - Drums