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Ipecac - Getting to Know You...
One of the weirdest dudes in the world, Mike Patton, once founded himself a label. It has to be among the weirdest labels in the world. Where else can you find legendary bands such as Melvins under the same hood as Eyvind Kang? Or Isis side by side to the happy and cheerfully cool Imani Coppola?

The label is, of course Ipecac, and this little disc entitled ‘Getting to Know You...’ is a fine introduction to the great array of bands and artists in the many genres that are supported, as well as the never ending new projects Patton has started up. In the last category we’ve all heard the native American rock 'n roll of Tomahawk, whilst Peeping Tom is among the younger (and trustably weird) projects.
As for the great variety presented, Imani Coppola stands out the most. Her happy and feelgood potential summer hit ‘Raindrops from the Sun’ must be among the more pop-oriented stuff ever to come out of Ipecac. And it’s a great little song. Makes you curious for more.
NorthernState reminds one of nineties Pixies-influenced rock. Maybe more Breeders than Black, but still great stuff. Dalak presents grimy and dark hip-hop that reminds me personally of the Dutch wave of hip-hop from mid nineties, where artists such as Mach & Jesse and Def P started to experiment with slightly psychedelic sounds. Not the happy flower-loving kind, but rather the dark and atmospheric kind. A track that would be in place in a remake of Blade Runner.
The weirdness is complete when Eyvind Kang closes down the collection with something that most of the time end up in the world-section at your local cd-dealer. Bizarre mixture of classical a cappella and middle-eastern instruments. Ipecac-worthy.
Nothing left to say about the familiar Ipecac bands such as Melvins, Unsane or Isis. You know what to expect, and releases have already been reviewed on this site.
Needless to say, Ipecac has been a stubborn label from day one, and is still truly not to be labled at all. Too much variety, but that’s a good thing.
Ipecac - Getting to Know You...
No ScoreDetails Ipecac
Released on Tuesday Dec 18th, 2007

Writer @Lex on Thursday Feb 21st, 2008

Tags: #Ipecac
Tracklisting 1. Melvins - The Talking Horse (2:44)
2. Imani Coppola - Raindrops from the Sun (hey Hey Hey) (3:35)
3. Tomahawk - Sun Dance (3:01)
4. Northern State - Better Already (3:00)
5. Unsane - Against the Grain (4:43)
6. Circus Devils - I'm Madonna's Gazebo (2:17)
7. Qui - Freeze (3:24)
8. Peeping Tom - Not Alone (3:50)
9. Goon Moon - Feel Like This (3:34)
10. Dalak - Paragraphs Relentless (5:36)
11. Mouse on Mars - Inocular (5:37)
12. Hella - World Series (7:10)
13. Isis - Not In Rivers, But in Drops (7:51)
14. Eyvind Kang - Inquisito (3:39)
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