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Anmod - Monstrosity Per Defectum
Soon after writing a review about the Brazilian act Ophiolatry, I had to review yet another brutal trio from that country. Anmod was formed out of the ashes of Fornication, a five piece that released two albums and also did a three-month lasting tour through Europe in 2004. After that tour, three of its members decided to start a new band that would sound a lot heavier than the works of their previous band.

The result is their debut record entitled Monstrosity Per Defectum, released through Dutch label Deity Down Records. The first word that comes up in my mind after listening to the twelve 2-3 minutes long lasting tracks on Monstrosity Per Defectum is ‘excessive’, and I mean that in a very positive way. During the first few tracks the band seems to have a little difficulty to keep on with their own speed, but later on they truly manage to do so and it therefore sounds really skilled.

Anmod’s style can be defined as a mix of death metal with grind elements. The drums on Monstrosity Per Defectum are the most outstanding, because they are mixed louder than the guitars and bass - especially the noisy snaredrum is very prominent during the blastbeats that occur a lot. Anmod’s variation in speed creates a kind of chaotic vibe that is really brutal but at the same time also pretty enervating. People who know for e.g. Ulcerate know what I mean.

All in all a very intense and aggressive sounding record that I surely will give some more playtime.
Anmod - Monstrosity Per Defectum
79/1001Details Deity Down Records
Released on Tuesday Jan 1st, 2008
Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Monday Feb 25th, 2008

Tags: #Anmod
Tracklisting 01. Serpent-Legged
02. Anmod
03. Hung Up At The Pale
04. Wretchedness And Decay
05. Outwitted By Redeeming Features
06. Behold
07. Absence Of An Upper World
08. Impending Loss
09. Weakness Of Will
10. Thoughtlessness
11. Surcease
12. Monstrosity Per Defectum
Line up Hernan Oliveira - Bass/Vocals
Gerson Watanabe - Guitars
Johnny R.R. - Drums