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Armory - The Dawn Of Enlightenment

Sometimes it’s hard to be a reviewer. I haven’t done much melodic power metal reviews, so it’s not that I’ve said everything already, but maybe it’s a sort of writers block or something… I really like what I hear, but I find it hard to describe to you why I like The Dawn Of Enlightenment from the Massachusetts metallers of Armory.

The sound of Armory is very recognizable and can be compared with bands like Edguy, Hammerfall and also Iron Maiden, with too much caffeine that is. The only thing I don’t hear in their music (that much) are backing vocals and at some points I really miss them. When I’m listening to a song like ‘Riding The Cosmic Winds’ I myself am thinking about how I should sing the backing vocals, because they are missed. On the other hand it would be a bit predictable.

Although I’m seeking for the right words to describe this release I also could have said: “Check this out when you like heavy metal / melodic power metal in general and you’ll not be disappointed”. The fast and tight guitar solos are played as if they are buying bread at the local bakery; it al sounds so natural and effortless. Their biggest pearl is by the way the title track. ‘The Dawn Of Enlightenment’ has everything in it Armory stands for and although it lasts for almost a quarter of an hour it didn’t bore me for a sec.

Originally this album was released back in 2004, but this album sounds everything but outdated. In addition for this re-release there are two bonus tracks featured on this release. The first one is a cover of Iron Maiden’s ‘Flight Of Icarus’ and the second one is a cover of the music from the first stage of a Nintendo game called Mega Man 2.

As for the conclusion I would like to end this review with the same words Armory ends its bio: “LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL!”

Armory - The Dawn Of Enlightenment
90/1001Details Self Released
Released on Friday Dec 21st, 2007
Heavy Melodic Power Metal

Writer @Gilles on Monday Feb 25th, 2008

Tags: #Armory
Tracklisting 01. The Tempest
02. Faith In Steel
03. Riding The Cosmic Winds
04. Forever Triumphant
05. Heart Of Dreams
06. Warrior Forlorn
07. Forged In Dragon Flames
08. The Eyes Of Time
09. Mystic Star
10. The Dawn Of Enlightenment
11. Flight Of Icarus [Bonus Track]
12. Dr. Wily [Bonus Track]
Line up Adam Kurland – Vocals
Joe Kurland – Rhythm, Lead and Acoustic Guitars and Session Drums
Chad Fisher – Thythm, Lead and Acoustic Guitars
Thomas Preziosi – Bass
Peter Rutcho – Keyboards
Tom Vieira – Live Drums