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Innerdeathexperience - Red Paradox At The Origin Of My Disease
Well, if the name of this band and the title of this four track EP, which is a prelude for a full length album due this year, don’t make you think ‘mathcore anyone?’, I will eat my shoe. These Belgians started out in 2004 and have already shared the stage with ASVA, Ephel Duath, Comity, Monno and d-Composed, and have released one self-titled demo. Last year they brought us this EP titled Red Paradox At The Origin Of My Disease. What?
The sound of this band can be compared to Converge, Today Is The Day, Neurosis and early The Dillinger Escape Plan, at least that’s what they’re aiming at from what I hear in these four tracks. Highly technical mathcore tracks and spacey soundscapes filled with synths is what they offer, and most of it I kind of like. But there are some issues, like for instance the production. The first five times or so I really had to focus and try to hear what was going on in the music. It’s already hectic, and the sloppy mix isn’t exactly making it more pleasant to listen to. And then there is the vocalist, who serves panic screams and some mumbling on the side, which I don’t find appealing at all.
All in all these four tracks offer quite some perspective, but I fear that I will just get stuck with the feeling I’m listening to The Dillinger Escape Plan’s self-titled record. I hope that they will fix something in the final mixes of the record that will make it sound killer, because I am curious about hearing it when it comes out.
Innerdeathexperience - Red Paradox At The Origin Of My Disease
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Released on Saturday Jun 23rd, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Feb 25th, 2008

Tags: #Innerdeathexperience
Tracklisting 1. Red Ink
2. Origin (part II)
3. Paradox
4. Disease
Line up Jul - guitars, vocals, keys and synth
Nicolas - drums
Vincent - guitars
Hubert - bass