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Incendiary Records - Emotional Outburst Assisted By Technical Supply
When we received a huge package last week there was also a compilation CD available for reviewing. It is not easy to review a compilation CD but here we go. The styles on this CD are wide spread from old school to new school and from sugar sweet emo to insane metal. This CD was meant to let the world know that Incendiary Records was born. And after listening to this CD people will know. With this 22 songs long sampler that contains 15 unreleased songs they present the world their new born child. The variation obvious can be heard, but what surprised me was that the songs all are reasonable quality. I don�t like all the songs in this sampler but for example the song �Always Outnumbered� is sounding great and the quality is excellent. But when I listen to �Springwater�, the vocals disappoint me. I can barely hear them. But if you ever hear this sampler, definitely listen to �Jane�, this song is great for releasing your anger. The vocals are not extraordinary but musically this song is awesome. Overall I think that Incendiary Records got a great future if they continue with music like this. But they need to give the production side a little bit more attention. On some songs the volume is louder and there are some glitches in some songs. If you want to have a great collection with all kinds of styles, this sampler is something for you. Because it is hard to give a mark to a compilation I keep it low. [b]Tracklisting:[/b] 01 - The Hand That Feeds (Sweden) [from: "19,5 degres" Split CD with Neg.] 02 - No Love Lost (Bottrop/Germany) [previously unreleased] 03 - Shanara (Hattingen/Germany) [previously unreleased] 04 - Always Outnumbered (Canada) [previously unreleased] 05 - Daylight (Recklinghausen/Germany) [previously unreleased] 06 - Turnover (Bremen/Germany) [previously unreleased] 07 - Bobby Peru (Stuttgart/Germany) [previously unreleased] 08 - Treadmill (Berlin/Germany) [previously unreleased] 09 - Sunday Inn (Berlin/Germany) [previously unreleased] 10 - Nyari (Bochum/Germany) [previously unreleased] 11 - Mournful (Bottrop/Germany) [previously unreleased] 12 - Springwater (Bottrop/Germany) [from: "... Another Trip Inside" MCD] 13 - Three Minute Poetry (Wuppertal/Germany) [previously unreleased] 14 - Caliban (Hattingen/Germany) [from: "A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven" CD] 15 - Neg. (Sweden) [from: "19,5 degres" Split CD with The Hand That Feeds] 16 - Rise Anew (Neuwied/Germany) [previously unreleased] 17 - Kate Mosh (Bremen/Germany) [previously unreleased] 18 - Inane (Bottrop/Germany) [previously unreleased] 18 - Costa's Cake House (Kalsruhe/Germany) [previously unreleased] 20 - Trust No One (Herten/Germany) [from Demo CD] 21 - Jane. (Duisburg/Germany) [from: "A Doorway To Elsewhere" MCD] 22 - A Never Ending Summer (Dorsten/Germany) [previously unreleased]
Incendiary Records - Emotional Outburst Assisted By Technical Supply
65/1001Details Incendiary Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Incendiary Records
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