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Stevie Klasson - Don't Shoot The Messenger
Stevie Klasson….A name that is supposedly a household name in the rock community, though I have never heard of him. That´s not strange, because Stevie has played in bands like Hanoi Rocks, Diamond Dogs etc. Bands that I know by name, but have never heard a single note of.

The music of Stevie Klasson is easy to describe. It´s just (though just is not the right way to put it, regarding the quality of the delivered music) plain old rock ´n roll. With influences of bands ranging from the Rolling Stones to Tom Petty, Stevie Klasson is painting his own rock ´n roll picture. A picture that looks very familiar, but it’s also a picture that I´m fond of looking at.

I really like the songwriting skills Stevie is showing. A great variety in rock ´n roll songs is what he delivers. And the strange thing is, it never sounds fragmented! The CD is, despite the diverse songs, one coherent piece. A really big compliment, because there are nowadays not many musicians who can pull it off. A song like ‘Goin Mental’ is straight up rock ´n roll with no strings attached, while ‘Lucky’ has a beautiful bluesy feel to it.

There´s not much more I can say about this album, but that it´s one of the few albums I´ve reviewed that I actually listen to on a regular basis. I like this album a lot, but I can understand that not everybody will enjoy it, though if you´re into old school rock then this disc is for you!
Stevie Klasson - Don't Shoot The Messenger
80/1001Details Wild Kingdom
Released on Friday Jan 25th, 2008
Rock 'n Roll

Writer @Neurotic on Friday Feb 29th, 2008

Tags: #Stevie Klasson
Tracklisting 1. Goin Mental
2. Hand Me Downs
3. Do What You Want
4. Sweetheart Angel Pure
5. Bedspring Symphony
6. Talk Too Much
7. Downbound Train
8. White Line Fever
9. Lucky
10. All The Action
11. Angel In Black
12. Don´t Mess With Evil
Line up Stevie Klasson – Vocals&Guitars
Jenny Schyttberg - Vocals
Surjo Benigh – Bass
Captain Janne Petersson – Keyboards
Kenneth Björnlund/Brady Blade – Drums