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Thrudvangar - Zwischen Asgard Und Midgard
Oh my god, what have we here?! Some German Lord of the Rings fanatics that decided to form a pagan metal band and dedicate their life to being nerds? Or a decent slab of pagan/black metal, filled with a fighting spirit and epic songs? Lets find out!
This sucks, is the plain and simple verdict. Bad songs, bad production, bad playing, and of course German lyrics regarding hobbits and elves makes these eight songs a torture to listen to. Now I am not a fan of this type of music to begin with, but what I hear on Thrudvangar’s third full length doesn’t sound remotely impressive at all. In fact it can easily be called annoying and horrific.
As you can see I have no kind words for this release. This band has been at it since 1998, and if this is what they came up with after ten years I advise them abandon all hope at stardom. A good band for your local Dungeons and Dragons annual tea party, and that’s it. Sorry guys.
Thrudvangar - Zwischen Asgard Und Midgard
40/1001Details Einheit Produktionen
Released on Friday Dec 7th, 2007
Viking/Pagan Black Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Mar 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Thrudvangar
Tracklisting 1. Thor 04:59
2. Bärenpelz und Wolfsmantel 05:48
3. Heimwärts 05:01
4. Runenstein 05:17
5. Midsommernacht 03:53
6. Zwei Raben 07:08
7. Siegvater 06:06
8. Frostland 08:02
Line up Christian - Guitars
Andreas - Keyboard
Torsten - Drums
Günther - Bass
Matze - Vocals
Kanne - Guitars