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Sjodogg - Landscapes Of Disease And Decadence
Sjodogg is a Norwegian black metal band (wow, that automatically makes it sound good doesn’t it?) which has just released its debut record after releasing three demos. The album is released by Osmose Productions and is entitled Landscapes Of Disease And Decadence. Let's find out what these landscapes look like.
I am not a black metal fan, and I think that this is mainly caused by the fact that there are too many retards in this scene, that just copy of their idols’ music. This is not the case with Sjodogg, who offer me black metal with a lot of variation in it. If I have to believe other reviews, this band sounds like a combination of Satyricon, Gehenna and Helheim, so if that works for you go check it out.
The freaky, bizarre and dark atmosphere the band produces is kind of a layered one. First of all there’s this in-your-face drumming, where especially the blastbeats make a lasting impression. Over these drums there is an eerie and primitive guitar that really gives an uncomfortable atmosphere. And to top it all, the vocals come from an insane dude who abuses his voice in any way possible. Furthermore the band doesn’t shun from playing an accoustic passage, only to smash it with cold and relentless black riffing. Overall, I kind of like it!
This is not your average black metal band, which makes it good. I’d advise anyone into this type of music to give this band a try.
Sjodogg - Landscapes Of Disease And Decadence
83/1001Details Osmose Productions
Released on Monday Jan 14th, 2008
Progressive Black Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Mar 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Sjodogg
Tracklisting 1. A Song Of Plague
2. Inglorious Fever Of Antonius
3. Mahapaatra
4. Brethren Of The Weeping Corpses
5. Sequestra
6. The Asphyxiation
7. Sentinels of the Severed Flesh
8. Sacrosanct
9. Kiss Of The Blowfly
Line up Vulnus - Vocals
Dracunculus Guitar
Tetrapus - Bass
Hordeolum - Drums