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GrimSkunk - Fires Under The Road
GrimSkunk already exists for about 19 years. Quite some time for a band I’d never heard of before! They are said to use quite some different languages in their music as well as musical styles. Among the languages you’ll find English, French, Spanish, Greek and Arabic. Must be something different from most bands then!

It immediately became clear to me that this band has quite something up its sleeve. Especially the great amount of different musical approaches makes Fires Under The Road a very nice album to listen to. Where the first track of the album is a somewhat calm and not-so-special song, the following track, ‘America Sucks’, kicks in with some very catchy punk choruses combined with nice melodic intermezzos. Don’t expect nasty screaming or grunting here, just that classical punk sound you used to hear back in the days.

And when you think they only stick to those sounds you’re wrong. This band has way more capabilities; classic rock, metal, rap parts, it’s all there and I haven’t mentioned it all yet. Gotta keep things a bit surprising right? Anyway, the songs are catchy and most of the times contain this fat sound. This really thick guitar sound that makes things all sound a bit heavier.

Although the album may seem like one great piece of work I sometimes still have the feeling I miss something. But I think that’s completely personal since I also think that GrimSkunk would do great on festivals and smaller stages. In my opinion this is a typical live band, although I’ve never heard or seen them before. For some reason also The Hives spring to mind. Kinda like, if The Hives would go numerous musical direction you’d get GrimSkunk. I wonder whether there’s one person on this planet that would agree with me on that but I just feel like it.

Well to conclude the whole thing; it wouldn’t hurt you to check out this album. There’s enough to discover on it, even after listening it several times. A nice example of what this band could sound like is ‘Fires Under The Road’, a song that’s nicely building towards a very catchy eruption that you cannot deny being a great motivator to dance around your room. Fires Under The Road is an album that delivers some great songs while others are not that great but still above average. Two thumbs up for these Canadian dudes!
GrimSkunk - Fires Under The Road
73/1001Details Indica Records
Released on Wednesday Nov 1st, 2006

Writer @Boek on Monday Mar 3rd, 2008

Tags: #GrimSkunk
Tracklisting 01. Psychedelic Wonderdrug
02. America Sucks
03. Wakin’ And Bakin’
04. Fires Under The Road
05. You Could Be Beautiful
06. Divide & Conquer
07. Blown To Pieces
08. Out Of My Life
09. What Did You Say
10. We Are Lords
11. Power Corrupts
12. Worldly Grace
13. Crazy
Line up Franz Schuller – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Joe Evil – Vocals, Keyboard
Alain VDbC – Drums, Percussions, Vocals
Vincent Peake – Bass
Peter Edwards – Lead Guitar